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MA divorce and family lawyer, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, paternity, guardianships
Massachusetts Appellate Lawyer, Divorce and Family Law

Massachusetts Appellate Lawyer

Steven Ballard, because of his expertise in divorce and family law, takes on appeals before the Massachusetts appellate courts in this area in appropriate circumstances.   All his clients at the trial court level thus have a distinct advantage because of his appellate knowledge, skills and experience, whether or not they ever need to file or face any appeal.  

Where trial court judges have made those kinds of mistakes for which appeals are both worthy and practical, Steven Ballard has had success in achieving goals for clients on several occasions right at the beginning of the appeals process:  his clients reached satisfactory agreements out of court with the pressure of appeals pending, thus obviating the need for full-blown appeals.

Steven Ballard's family law clients, moreover, have been so successful at the trial court level in part due to strategic decisions informed by his appellate awareness.   Through the proper handling of cases in the trial courts and by setting the stage for possible appeals, he and his clients usually eliminate the need to file or face any appeals in the first place.


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