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MA divorce and family lawyer, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, paternity, guardianships

Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Steven Ballard is an experienced litigator specializing in Massachusetts divorce and family law, and is an especially successful trial lawyer in child custody and other high-conflict cases. He works hard to achieve the best outcomes for his clients by strategic planning, skilled negotiations, and when necessary, aggressive court representation at hearings and at trial. The Law Offices of Steven Ballard provide the highest quality of service to individuals in all types of divorce and family law cases throughout Massachusetts, including:

  • DIVORCE - Contested and Uncontested Divorces, With and Without Children, With and Without Sophisticated Property Issues

  • CUSTODY AND VISITATION - Contested Actions for Custody, Negotiation of Agreements, Modifications, Visitation Schedules

  • ALIMONY AND CHILD SUPPORT - Contested Actions, Negotiation of Agreements Regarding Child Support, Alimony, and College Support, Modifications of Existing Support Orders

  • PROPERTY DIVISION AND AGREEMENTS - Contested Actions, Negotiation of Divorce Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Financial Analysis and Advice on Tax and Financial Planning Aspects of Property Divisions and Transfers

  • MODIFICATIONS - Contested Actions to Modify Previous Judgments/Orders, Negotiation of Agreements to Modify Previous Orders and Agreements With Respect to Child Support, Alimony, Visitation, College Expenses, Health Insurance, Etc.

  • CONTEMPT ACTIONS AND RESTRAINING ORDERS - Representation in Civil and Criminal Proceedings Related to the Issuance of Court Orders for Protection Against Abuse, and for the Enforcement of Existing Family Court Orders

  • GUARDIANSHIPS, PATERNITY ACTIONS, GRANDPARENTS' VISITATION - Legal Actions Related to the Rights and Responsibilities of Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and Others Regarding Children

  • ENFORCEMENT OF OTHER STATES' ORDERS - Actions to Enforce and/or Modify Family Law Orders Made In Other States or Countries

  • ADOPTIONS - Including Step-Parent Adoptions

Attorney Steven Ballard represents individuals in divorce and family law cases on a regular basis in the Greater Boston Area, in the courts of Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester Counties. He also takes cases in Suffolk, Essex, and Plymouth Counties, and occasionally in Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin Counties.

Most family law issues are satisfactorily resolved without the need for trial and, in many cases, even without the need for any significant court involvement. Attorney Steven Ballard encourages parties with family law issues to consider first trying to resolve their conflicts through the use of other means, when feasible, including direct party-to-party negotiations or mediation, and encourages prospective clients to seek family counseling. He is eager to help his clients find the best, easiest, and most harmonious long-term solutions to their particular problems.

Attorney Steven Ballard strives to reduce the areas of conflict and finds that the most usual results for his clients are the most rewarding of outcomes: agreements that preclude the need for lengthy, costly litigation. Attorney Steven Ballard happily accepts clients who are successfully working toward a resolution to their problems through the use of mediation, collaborative law, or other means, and need to retain him for the limited purposes of negotiating a relatively few minor issues, or simply reviewing their agreements and helping to secure the court's acceptance of their agreements.

Attorney Steven Ballard would rather help more clients to resolve their cases than work continuously with fewer clients who are locked in never-ending battles. He has the determination, wisdom, and moral fortitude to search for creative ways to end senseless acrimony and reduce conflict between parties.

If necessary, however, Attorney Ballard does not shy away from going to court, and can put up the most aggressive of fights if that is what is called for. He is accustomed to leaving court with a better outcome for his clients than that which they have anticipated. Attorney Ballard is hard on himself and always endeavors to be better prepared than his opponent.


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