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Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, MA Employment Law

Massachusetts, Worcester, Personal Injury Attorney, workplace accidents, employment discrimination

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Ballard, before he started the Law Offices of Steven Ballard, worked as a trial lawyer in the areas of personal injury, professional malpractice, workers compensation, and employment discrimination, in a prominent plaintiff's law firm in the Boston area.

His practice, then and since, has included appearances in Massachusetts district and superior courts throughout the state, and before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Department of Industrial Accidents. He presently takes select cases in the following areas:

  • PERSONAL INJURY - Including Automobile Accidents and All Other Injury Cases

  • WORKPLACE ACCIDENTS - Workers Compensation Cases

  • EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION - Sexual Harassment, Racial and National Origin Discrimination, Sex/Gender Discrimination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Disability Discrimination

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